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Established in 1950

About Us

At the heart of Whittier, CA lies Fred R. Rippy, Inc – a small family-owned jewel that has been shining since 1950. Over the decades, Rippy has emerged as a leader in electrical laminations used in aerospace applications. We remain committed to powering military and commercial flight and today we work with many of the largest and most demanding aerospace companies in the world.

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Electrical Lamination services

At Rippy, we have many manufacturing methods to meet your needs. Whether it’s a small-run prototype project or a high volume multi-year program business, we’ve got you covered.



The choice for medium to high volume repeat program business. Take advantage of our 40 presses up to 150 tons and thousands of stock tools to meet your annual repeat production needs.


Laser Cut

The choice for small quantity prototype projects. Laser-cutting eliminates the need for stamping tools, saving time and money while still maintaining precision and accuracy.

edm cut

EDM Cut Laminations

The choice when tenths of a thousandth of an inch matter. Cutting laminations or stacks using EDM technology is the most precise method to meet tighter than normal tolerances.  This also avoids the time required to make stamping tools.

Value Added Services

To make your life easier, Rippy offers the following additional services.

added value service

Annealing and Oxide Coating

Elevate your laminations performance characteristics. Whether processed in house or by one of our trusted suppliers, we will follow your specifications and provide the certs to prove it.  Our ovens meet AMS2750 requirements and our suppliers are NADCAP certified.


added value service

Bonded stacks

When you want a complete stack, Rippy can handle that for you. Whether in-house or through our closely monitored vendors, we have been handling bonded stacks for decades for the toughest customers in the business.


added value service


When your application needs that extra layer, we’ve got you covered.  Though our vetted and approved suppliers, we can handle this extra work for you.

added value service


At the heart of our operation is the tooling.  That is why Rippy designs, manufactures and maintains our tooling in-house to our own internal specifications. Seventy-plus years of being in business has taught us a lot about how to make a robust tool that lasts for decades. This approach saves time and money when a new tool is required. It also helps us troubleshoot and repair existing tooling faster as we have the designs.


Nothing goes up,
until we stamp it out

Quality Assurance

At Fred R. Rippy, Inc., our commitment to excellence isn't just a statement—it's an ingrained practice. Quality assurance forms the backbone of our services, ensuring that every product not only meets but often exceeds industry standards and client expectations.

Certified Excellence: Holding both AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications.
Comprehensive Monitoring: Rigorous quality checks at every production stage.
Trusted Suppliers: Collaborating only with approved suppliers for impeccable outcomes.
Continuous Improvement: Regularly updating processes and training for top-tier results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fred R. Rippy, Inc. stands apart due to our seven-decade legacy, our relentless focus on quality, and our comprehensive in-house offerings. Being both AS9100 and ISO9001 certified, we serve the most demanding aerospace companies, ensuring unparalleled precision and personalized service.