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Benefits of Laminated Electrical Steel

Benefits of Laminated Electrical SteelModern technology requires high-quality materials. Here at Fred R. Rippy, Inc. we specialize in precisely that: stamped and laser laminated metals made to build a better future. Our products have been used in devices in the aerospace, industrial, and medical fields, and helps to power motors and transformers thanks to the unique properties of electrical steel. But what is electrical steel, and what are the limits of its qualities? Here are some facts about electrical steel and how it aids us in everyday life.

How to Create Electrical Steel

Electrical steel is usually made by cold-rolling steel into strips less than a few millimeters thick, then stacking those strips into laminations. These laminations can then be laser cut or punched into the correct shape. The chemical makeup of electrical steel includes up to 6.5% silicon, enabling the steel to have high electrical energy retention and high magnetic permeability. This leads to a more brittle metal, but electric steel can then be annealed to make it more flexible and soft. Another type of electrical steel is non-oriented electrical steel; this material has a lower silicon amount but increased aluminum makeup, making it strong enough to not require annealing.

Uses of Electrical Steel

Electrical steel is useful for generating and maintaining a strong magnetic field. This makes it a perfect material in the core of an electrical transformer, the stator of an electric motor, or parts of a generator like a steam turbine or water wheel. Electrical steel of specific chemical makeup is also essential in the batteries of electric cars.

For the highest-quality laminated electrical steel in a variety of different shapes and sizes, you can rely on the services of Fred R. Rippy, Inc. and our talented technicians. We’re also capable of creating nickel and cobalt alloys for wide array of applications. Contact us today for more information.