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Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Department is staffed by inspectors trained / certified to American Society for Quality as ‘Quality Inspectors’. Our goal is ‘Zero Defects’ and we utilize automated Visual inspection equipment manufactured by Mitutoyo and Optek to ensure that each part is inspected completely and accurately to your specification requirements. First Article Inspection reports meeting all requirements of AS9102 are produced utilizing Visualfair® software ensuring that all features and requirements are verified and are compliant with your requirements.

Value Added Services

In addition to our stamped and laser laminations, we also offer a variety of value added services. Whether these services are performed in-house or outsourced to Approved Suppliers, they are controlled and approved by our Quality System to assure full compliance with all customer requirements.

Custom Stamped Laminations

Specializing in the manufacturing of custom precision stamped laminations, Fred R. Rippy, Inc. has become an internationally respected electrical industry leader. For over fifty years, our high-end technical expertise has assisted some of the world’s most well-known industry-leading companies within the aerospace, electrical, industrial, automotive, and medical fields. Due to our success serving multiple high-end businesses, we have become the preferred choice by many top companies for the production of prototype and short-run laminations.

At Fred R. Rippy, Inc., we design, manufacture, and maintain our own specialty, in-house tooling. With our automated systems, we provide fast delivery and lower production costs.

Custom Laser Laminations

Dedicated to providing the most innovative products and services, Fred R. Rippy, Inc. introduces our new CO2 laser cutting capability for electrical laminations and insulators. This high precision, proven technology is designed to fabricate laminations and special shapes without the need for hard tooling. With the ability to operate on parts measuring up to forty-seven inches, we perform custom CO2 laser operations that assist multiple businesses within the aerospace, electrical, medical, automotive, and industrial industries.

Our CO2 laser provides fast service that allows our clients to meet their product development schedules, while minimizing part cost. With an extensive raw material inventory available for custom laser