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Custom Laser Laminations

Dedicated to providing the most innovative products and services, Fred R. Rippy, Inc. introduces our new CO2 laser cutting capability for electrical laminations and insulators. This high precision, proven technology is designed to fabricate laminations and special shapes without the need for hard tooling. With the ability to operate on parts measuring up to forty-seven inches, we perform custom CO2 laser operations that assist multiple businesses within the aerospace, electrical, medical, automotive, and industrial industries.

Our CO2 laser provides fast service that allows our clients to meet their product development schedules, while minimizing part cost. With an extensive raw material inventory available for custom laser laminations, Fred R. Rippy, Inc. maintains the highest part quality standards. For more information about our advanced CO2 laser technology or custom laser laminations, contact Fred R. Rippy, Inc. today!

Industries ServedAerospace
ProductsRotor Laminations
Stator Laminations
Linear Laminations
Pole Pieces
Special Shapes
Size of LaminationLaser materials up to .250” thick
Laser parts up to 47”
MaterialsExtensive Raw Material Inventory for Laser Laminations including:

Electrical Grade Steels
Nickel and Cobalt Alloys
Insulating Materials
Specialty Alloys