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What Does Laser Lamination Entail?

What Does Laser Lamination EntailPerhaps you’re new to the industry, or have recently received a recommendation to consider laser lamination. Maybe you’re already familiar with what it does, but are less clear on what it is. Fred. R. Rippy, Inc. is here to clarify!

When they first hear about lamination, a lot of people are confused because the word has several common meanings, or more accurately, it has a number of common uses. In reality, they do mean much the same thing. Most people know lamination as the process of attaching laminate to a floor or a paper, and the purpose there is to make it more durable. The true meaning of lamination is combining layers to create an improved composite, so it’s an accurate descriptor for both of those examples. In industrial terms, lamination is often about bonding metals, which is where the laser comes in handy.

Laser lamination is an engineering technique that uses a laser to bond material layers and create a material that is usually higher strength and quality than the originals. There are a wide variety of applications for the process. In the manufacturing industry, it’s commonly used to eliminate impurities and imperfections in steel sheets.

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