About Fred R. Rippy, Inc.

Established in 1950

Our Legacy

Fred established this business in 1950 with a $700 loan from his father. He used that money to buy a mill and a lathe and set up shop in his garage. As business grew, Fred saw the need to focus on the aerospace electrical lamination market. He purchased his first building in Whittier in the early 60’s not too far from our current location. Fred believed in continuous learning and working hard every day. His approach to life helped build a culture of innovation and success and remains the foundation we build upon today.

Picture of Fred R Rippy
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After Fred’s passing in the mid 80’s, his wife Francine took over ownership and leadership of the company. Francine has been our North star keeping us true to Fred’s original guiding principles of putting in a hard day’s work and focus on the customer. She has a long term growth plan and puts employee’s well-being at the forefront of her strategic planning.

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Our Mission and Values

At Fred R. Rippy, Inc., our mission is simple yet profound: To be the premier supplier of electrical laminations to all our customers. We believe our relentless focus on quality and service are the cornerstones of this mission.