Value Added Services

Beyond the Cut

Beyond producing your laminations, Rippy extends our services to include heat treating, stacking, grinding and plating. Whether executed internally or delegated to our network of approved suppliers, each service is governed by our stringent quality assurance program.

  • Annealing: Removes residual stresses created in the cutting process and can be used to improve other properties of the metal. Our oven meets AMS2750 requirements and our suppliers are NADCAP certified.
  • Oxide Coating: Improves corrosion resistance and thermal stability.
  • Stacking: Rippy can handle the next step for you and take care of the stack work. We commonly handle epoxy, welded and riveted stacks.
  • Grinding: Once the stack is complete, we can take care of the precision grinding so you are ready to wind your motor or generator upon receipt.
  • Plating: Rippy can get your parts coated to your specifications to improve durability and conductivity.