Stamped Laminations

Custom Stamped Excellence

Rippy specializes in stamping electrical laminations. We have a unique combination of machines, tools, and raw material to help with most any aerospace motor or generator lamination application.  Our resources include over 40 presses, thousands of different style tools, and over 100,000 lbs of raw material in stock. Plus, we have the right people to get the job done on-spec and on-time.


stamping capabilities

We typically stamp laminations up to 10” diameter but we have done over 30” diameter parts using special tooling. Rippy has stamped parts as thin as 0.004” and up to 0.062” thick. Regarding raw material, we stock standard silicon steels (typically with a C4 or C5 coating), most alloys (high nickel, high cobalt, and copper) up to 0.032” thick. We also carry the common insulating materials such as Nomex, Mylar, and G-series up to 0.032” thick.

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